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Updated: Dec 21, 2022

My favorite part of a launch is when readers start to dive into the book. Chiefly because the process of editing and smoothing out all those lumps and bumps takes ages, involving so much back and forward that you're thoroughly sick of whatever you've written by the time it hits the shelves.

I'm probably not supposed to say that am I?

But then ... but then ... readers come along and laugh and cry and love the story for the first time. They text you about scenes and pull out quotes. Readers don't see all the chapters I've been sad to lose or the alternative endings I loved that my editor said wouldn't work.

When people message you, and when they read all the right things into the characters that you intended: how wounded the main male character is, and how, yes, he's an asshole, but he redeems himself, well ...

You fall in love with your story all over again.

Thank you Kelsey, Nicole, Andrea, Lisa, Patricia, Lanie and Allison for helping me fall in love with Fabian for the second time.

The last word on The Outcast goes to Natasa, who produced this amazing reel:

Keep your comments coming, I love them all.


Eve x

P.S. You can find out more information about The Outcast here and buy it here. The Refusal is here and you can buy it here.

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