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The Secret cover of woman, eyes closed and hair over face

You could say my radar is a little broken. Charmers. Cheaters. The worst of the worst. it took me all of ten seconds to work out that he was nothing like that ...

Blond hair, broad shoulders, heartbreaking smile. 

So maybe I was bowled over.

A little starry-eyed. 

Especially when he didn't shy away from all my sass. 

Gave as good as he got. 

So I didn't ask too much. Didn't probe when he answered a question with a question. 

I guess I thought he had secrets. Yeah ... well ... I have a few of those myself. 

It'll all come out in it's own time. 

At least that's what I thought. 

But then I was forced to think about it. Forced to confront the fact that I knew nothing about him. 

And then I got mad. Really mad. 

And I went looking for answers ...

eve m. riley

Romance Author

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