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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

What makes a good sex scene for you? Long and drawn out or fast and furious? Perhaps the interesting use of accoutrements (honey, rope, water . . .) is your jam. And that’s before we get onto angry sex, makeup sex, unexpected sex or sex with the fear of discovery.

I’ve loved steamy romance novels for as long as I can remember, and I have high expectations of that scene where they finally fall into each other's arms. I’m a fan of something unusual: Not tacky or totally unrealistic, just something surprising and interesting. And that’s difficult to find these days, but have all the best ideas been written? No way. I’m a firm believer that the best is yet to come.

The Books I Picked and Why

Uncommon Passion

by Anne Calhoun

Image of Uncommon Passion book cover by Anne Calhoun. Kindle Book. Best Romance Books and Best Romance Novels. Contemporary Romance Novel.

Why this book?

Character transformations do it for me every time and boy, does this book deliver. Rachel escapes a religious community knowing what she wants and is unafraid to go for it. She recruits Ben to take her virginity without telling him, and when he finds out, there’s fireworks. He’s initially an unworthy hero with a cynical heart, but we gradually see him become a better man with her.

Anything by Anne Calhoun delivers great steamy scenes, but in this particular book, Rachel’s discovery of sex, with Ben to teach her, is off the charts; and Anne draws you in from the first word. Their undeniable chemistry is engrossing. Couple that with complex characters and a beautiful story between two very different people, and you have a barnstormer!

Motorcycle Man

By Kristen Ashley

Image of the Motorcycle Man book cover by Kristen Ashley. Kindle Book. Best Romance Books and Best Romance Novels. Contemporary Romance Novel.

Why this book?

Kristen Ashley’s Dream Man series had to have a place in this list. Tyra has spent her entire adult life searching for her dream man and will settle for nothing less. Enter Kane “Tack” Allen. After a few tequila shots and one passion-filled night together, Tyra knows she’s found her dream, only for him to throw her out in the morning. Tack is less than happy to discover that Tyra is his new office manager and gives her an ultimatum, followed by riveting chapter after chapter of mounting sexual tension.

This series is full of great characters and Tack is one of my all-time favorite alpha males because he knows his girl is something special and goes all out to get her. Take note, guys!

Beautiful Player

By Christina Lauren

Image of the Beautiful Player book cover by Christina Lauren. Kindle Book. Best Romance Books and Best Romance Novels. Contemporary Romance Novel.

Why this book?

Will. What can I say about Will? He changed my views on tattoos forever? Spoiled me for any other book boyfriends? Even years after this book came out, he’s still one of my favorites.

Hanna is a textbook geek and workaholic, spending all her time in the chemistry lab. Will, her brother’s best friend and childhood crush, takes on the task of getting her out of the lab and into the dating scene. As their friendship grows, flirty comments ignite a fire.

And what a fire it is! The first sex scene in a bedroom at a party is a wonderful combination of innocence, exploration and closeness and is one of the best first times I’ve ever read.

Steam, passion . . . I’m fanning myself now!

Welcome to Temptation

Image of the Welcome to Temptation book cover by Jennifer Crusie. Kindle Book. Best Romance Books and Best Romance Novels. Contemporary Romance Novel.

Why this book?

This is an older book, but Jennifer’s sizzle is unsurpassed. A movie assignment brings Sophie Dempsey to Temptation, Ohio. From the moment she drives into town, she has a bad feeling: Everything is a little too right. And when she has a run-in with the town's unnervingly sexy mayor, Phineas Tucker, making her little movie morphs into something downright dangerous.

Choosing the hottest scene out of several scorchers in this book was hard. There’s the sex scene on the table in the kitchen, but the scene where Phin decides that Sophie is turned on by discovery fantasies . . . and then makes increasingly louder noises when her friend arrives at her house until they are discovered. Mmm-hmm. It’s a masterpiece.

The Deal

By Elle Kennedy

Image of The Deal book cover by Elle Kennedy. Kindle Book. Best Romance Books and Best Romance Novels. Contemporary Romance Novel.

Why this book?

This is the first book in a great hockey romance series. Bad-boy college hockey player Garrett is in desperate need of tutoring. After relentlessly pestering classmate Hannah, she finally agrees to tutor him. But, despite his playboy reputation, Hannah seems immune to his charms. She’s crushing on another guy, and Garrett hatches a plan to help Hannah reel him in: He’ll date her to elevate her social status and make the guy jealous. Except Garrett is getting increasingly interested in Hannah himself.

I love books where one kiss changes everything, and this is a great slow-burn of a book, with lots of banter and an unlikely friendship leading to a beautiful relationship. It’s fun and sexy with just the right amount of seriousness.

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