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Updated: Apr 23, 2022

I am so thrilled to be a semi-finalist in the Indies Today 2021 book awards. Their book review for The Refusal is amazing too (see below). If only I could write reviews as beautifully as this . . . mine are usually "great book" or "loved it" !

IndiesToday Book Award Semi Finalist 2021: The Refusal, by Eve M. Riley. Kindle Book. Best Romance Books and Best Romance Novels. Contemporary Romance Novel. Award Winning Romance.
IndiesToday Book Award Semi Finalists 2021

Cosmopolitan meets homegrown in this flawlessly written slow-burn romance.

Like a shining fairy tale with a modern twist, Jo rides in on her symbolic white horse to bail out Janus in his time of need. Janus Phillips is your run-of-the-mill devastatingly handsome tech billionaire who just happens to be single. His love life looks exciting in trendy magazines, but his business receives the majority of his attention and affection. A security threat brings Jo Williams through his gleaming front door to investigate a hacker breach. A tech wiz herself, Jo eagerly jumps on the chance to grow her fledgling computer security business, and working with a household name like Janus Industries might be just the thing to get her company some well-deserved recognition. That is, if the tabloids don’t get the wrong idea about their relationship. Jo is careful to maintain her distance from playboy Janus, knowing that a romantic entanglement will certainly call into question her hard-earned credentials. It seems easy enough since Jo is no supermodel, has barely any money, and is certainly not famous. Too bad she is just the kind of woman Janus has been looking for.

Cosmopolitan meets homegrown in this flawlessly written slow-burn romance that takes place around the fast-paced world of technology. The Refusal embraces a few expected elements, including the requisite handsome guy who has been with an endless string of gorgeous women and the seemingly fragile female love interest who is overflowing with insecurities. But that’s the end of the expected. This finely crafted romance is anchored by its complex characters. Janus is surprisingly down to earth and harbors plenty of his own enduring insecurities. And Jo is just a delight. It’s impossible not to love the adorable little redhead who more than holds her own in a male dominated field. Her spunk, humor and complete lack of arrogance add to her complexity and make Jo one of the most endearing women I’ve read in a long time. The computer talk and hacker intrigue set this novel apart, making it feel ultra-modern, a little bit smarter than average, and just plain cool. Tortuous in the waiting and deliciously steamy in due course, The Refusal is guaranteed to be your next bingeable romance.

Check the review out here:

You can find out more information about The Refusal here and buy it here.

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