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I put The Refusal in for as many awards as I could find, expecting that the competition would be fierce and maybe I'd win something if I was lucky. If I put in for ten awards then surely something would come from one of them, right? Little did I know that so many people in the book community would take The Refusal to heart and love my nerdy couple. I'm so thrilled with how many awards it's won. My confidence wasn't high going in to all this, so thank you all for loving it so much.

The Pinnacle Achievement Award honors special recognition for an outstanding contribution by an author, or book, to the industry or society at large. Experienced editors and judges select books based on content, quality, writing, style, presentation, and cover design. Check out all the fall 2021 winners on the Pinnacle Awards page:

Check out more information about The Refusal here, and buy it here. A shoutout to Adam Stevens too, who won the award right along with me. Link to his book here.

The Refusal, by Eve M. Riley. Kindle Book. Best Romance Books and best romance novels. Contemporary Romance Novel and Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner

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