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The Secret cover 
Woman with closed eyes and hair covering face

The Secret


You could say my radar is a little broken. Charmers. Cheaters. The worst of the worst. It took me all of ten seconds to work out that he was nothing like that …


Blond hair, broad shoulders, heartbreaking smile. So maybe I was bowled over. A little starry-eyed.


Especially when he didn’t shy away from all my sass. Gave as good as he got. So I didn’t ask too much. Didn’t probe when he answered a question with a question.


I guess I thought he had secrets. Yeah … well … I have a few of those myself. It’ll all come out in its own good time. At least that’s what I thought.


But then I was forced to think about it. Forced to confront the fact that I knew nothing about him. And then I got mad. Really mad. And I went looking for answers.

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